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Gulet Charter

Interested in any information regarding private Gulet charter - reputable companies, boat sizes and amenities, itineraries -experiences. Thank you.

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Depending on number of people , there are many different in size. Their size generaly 20 meters and up with a capacity of starting 4 upto 12 .. They give you option if you want all-included(breakfast,lunch,dinner) and you can buy all your drinks before you get on.

Also they do rent for at least 7 days,as far as I know.

Many of them depart from Bodrum but there are gulet companies at Marmaris as well.

If you do gulet sailing in the middle of summer , get lot of mosquito spreys with you.!

As far as I see , this summer season will be very very busy in Turkey, for that reason I suggest you do a quick booking.

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I did a four night Gulet cruise as part of a Smithsonian tour in 2015, and I absolutely loved it. We sailed out of Gocek and ended in Fetiye. We boarded late in the afternoon, and so we had three full days:

  • Day 1: In the morning we went hiking up to a farm house nestled among Lydian ruins. It was a very steep and rocky hike, but the views were gorgeous. In the afternoon, we went swimming and snorkeling at so-called Baths of Cleopatra, which are actually the ruins of a monastery. Very pretty.
  • Day 2: Dalaman and the Dalyan River, where we saw incredible rock cut tombs.
  • Day 3: Gemiler/St. Nicholas Island. More monastery ruins with beautiful views of the Bay of Fetiye. In the afternoon, we visited Kayakoy, an abandoned Greek town not far from Fetiye.

I have some pictures about half way down the page here:

There were about 20 people (plus two guides) on our tour, and so we had two gulets, each with six cabins, to accommodate the group. I never slept in my cabin, preferring instead to sleep on the deck each night. Our gulet had a crew of three: the captain, his wife, and their son-in-law. The food was excellent, and I found the experience very relaxing and enjoyable. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I have browsed around casually for a gulet cruise that is not attached to a tour, but I haven't come to any conclusions about which companies are reputable. I do recall when we took our cruise, however, that one night there was a party gulet moored next to us that was blasting loud techno/nightclub music throughout the cove until the wee hours of the morning. It was most unpleasant. Fortunately, I think the party gulets are the exception to the rule. Still, I would hate to be stuck on a gulet for a week with a bunch of party animals, and I so I would recommend trying to figure out what kind of clientele the company caters to.

Our cruise was in October. The weather was sunny and pleasant, and the water was comfortable for swimming.