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Going to Istanbul

It may sound repetitive but would like to hear advice on traveling to Istanbul and Capadoccia in special as it pertains extension of warning by the US Departent of State



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The State Department has a strongly worded statement advising avoiding travel to Turkey due to terrorist activity,. They are also restricting movement of US Governement personnel. RS has canceled all tours to Turkey. What is your question again?

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Canadian government travel website shows Turkey and - for example - Mexico, at the same level; "Exercise a High Degree of Caution", both with regional advisories for non essential travel. Many Canadians don't think twice about heading off to Mexico for a week or two. Granted, they are wrapped (trapped?) in the confines of their resorts for the most part, whereas in Turkey you are fully exposed to the real deal.

Edit: Full disclosure; Never been there, want to go there, would probably go there and limit my time quite strictly at each location because I don't not want to see it before it's entirely off limits.

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Jorge, I spent a week in Istanbul last fall, and had a wonderful time, no problems at all while I was there. Walked just about everywhere, otherwise ferries.

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Turkey is a great place to visit. We loved Istanbul.

Unfortunately, terrorist has increased the risk of visiting Turkey, as it has in Egypt. Many people still go to those countries despite the increased risk.

What is the risk? It is hard to give you a hard number. There have been terrorist attacks at places like the Istanbul airport that if you happen to be there at the wrong time, it could be a problem for you.

Capadoccia is a remote area, but a lot closer to the Syrian border, I have no idea how increased the risk there might be.

It is apparent to me that in Egypt and Turkey that terrorists are targeting tourists. I had a friend that missed by one day being on the flight that blew up over Lockerbie. If you go, the risk is higher, but then one could argue that the most unsafe place we go every day is drive on our highways.

I don't think the risk of terror attack is going down in Turkey or Egypt in the future.

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My wife and kids just returned from 8 days in turkey- ages 14, 11, and 9. We hired a guide names mert taner. He is a Rick steves guide. He was awesome. We felt 100% safe the entire time. We never worried about our security-- not once. I would highly recommend traveling to turkey! Amazing!

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I aporeciate all answes and advices. My wife and just returned from travelling in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. I just found that the warnings about Turkey are exxagerated but sadly have had a serious impact on touristic trafficcon this magical country. I found the architecture in Istambul to be incredible both the historical and the modern. The fusion of cultures amazing. People incredible and the sense of being inmersed in history exquisite. Strolling añong the Bosforus we joined a lare amount of both young and elderly people exuding life and joy. We alsonvisited the Kapadoccia region snd ahain were mesmerized by the ancient structures created by Nature and then crafted abd used for living by ancient cultures including christians Nd
muslims. Food in Istambul was terigic and wines from Kapadoccia surprised me and my wife. At no time did I feel insecure even when we were diring the weekend of the referendum. I sill come come back certainly if tine allows me and I would recommend visiting Turkey.