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Getting Turkey Visa? Quick question

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been to Turkey since 2012 and I can't quite remember the details...While there, I think I got my entry visa at the airport after leaving the gate but before heading to passport control. I think I paid $20 USD in cash. Am I remembering all this correctly? Has anything changed? Price? payment? Some of my extended family is getting ready to leave and I thought I better check.


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Yes, it's much quicker and more convenient to get it online and print it out (it takes a few minutes) will save you standing in line at the airport (the passport control line is bad enough)

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I am bringing 3 kids and my wife for a 1-2 day layover. I can't quite tell, but do i need 5 entry visa's - one for each person in my family?


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I think so, yes, you need an e-Visa for each individual in your family when entering Turkey. Each person has to have their own e-Visa, and it's coded to each passport.