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Fun picture of Rick's book

When we were traveling in Istanbul several years ago a vendor selling nuts spotted us and ran over to my wife, pointing to Rick's book. He was mimicking taking a picture, and it took us a couple of minutes to figure out he was on the cover of Rick's book that my wife was carrying. We took a picture of him and my wife, holding Rick's book with the cover showing him. It's my favorite picture from Istanbul.

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Priceless moments like that makes travel fun. Thanks for sharing!

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What a great/unique memory! Thanks for sharing it. The Turks are very friendly people and I really enjoyed my time in Istanbul (I hope to return again for the 4th time in a few years).

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Yes, Turkey was one of our favorite trips. It just shows you what good things can come from following Rick's advice.

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Oh what fun! I wonder how many times a day he is able to do that?

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Probably none, anymore. I have the March 2012 edition, from my Best of Turkey Tour (highly recommended) and the inside cover has a photo of one of the Spice Market vendors.