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Flying out of Izmir

We are on a RS Turkey tour in March and are doing a back to back in Athens a couple of days after the Turkish tour ends. Does anyone have experience with the tour bus going on from the hotel to Izmir airport on the final day?
I would like to find out what time to book a flight as I can see several from Izmir to Athens that day.

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I would contact the RS office with this question.

They should be able to tell you what time the bus leaves and when it gets to Izmir.

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I took the tour several years ago. The tour bus was scheduled to leave at 9 am, so I booked an 11 am flight back to Istanbul. One couple had a very early flight out and took a taxi, which the guide helped arrange. Some of the others on the tour had 10 am flights, so our guide arranged to have the tour bus leave at 8 am (which we all agreed with). An hour was about enough for a local flight, but for international you should probably allow at least another hour.

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The Turkey tour itinerary page has this note under Hotels and Flights:

Our tour bus will provide free transportation to Izmir on the last day of the tour, departing immediately after breakfast (around 8 a.m.) and arriving at the Izmir airport by 10 a.m. If you want to ride the bus, you'll need to book a flight that departs after 11 a.m.

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Perhaps add that info to the Day 13, "Itinerary", notation.

It mentions one can take the tour bus, but the way it is set up now, one has to look somewhere else ( "Hotel and Flights") for the details.
Burying the info in the 3rd of 7 paragraphs in a separate caption is less than ideal.

Just a thought.

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Yes, Scott, the hot air balloon ride is offered as an optional activity. You pay the balloon vendor separately, $200, when I went on the RS tour in October. The 6th day presents the best time to go. We got up at 4:30 am and arrived back at the hotel after the ride to join the group for the rest of the day's activities.
Someone else asked this question under the section: Rick Steves Tours and the thread is Cappadocia Balloon rides... There are 2 replies detailing the sequence of events. It is definitely worth the time and money!