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Finding actual Turkish goods

Suggestions of stores/shops that sell actual Turkish goods and not the tourist junk from China? Looking for tea cups(glass) and tiles. In Istanbul, Cappadocia and Selcuk.

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During our trip to Istanbul, we dropped into several shops in the area near Sultanahmet where they sell kitchen goods, like teakettles, teacups. Etc. They actually had a lot of stuff that is made in Turkey, and you can tell because they are labelled as made in Turkey. We also went to a shopping mall with a store similar to William Sonoma, and they had a good selection of kitchenwares made in Turkey. You just have to look around a bit and look for the Made in Turkey label. If you shop where the locals shop instead of the touristy areas, you may have a better chance of finding locally made products. Prices may be more than Chinese products.

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Certainly, if you shop in the Arasta Bazaar, beneath the Blue Mosque, you will find "made in Turkey" goods.
Pam from Bath

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Thank you. We found a great store in the New District (can't find the card, will post when I do) and always look where we are. Found a great selection of made in Turkey scarfs in Selcuk and just been patient. Love this country!

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Do not buy pashminas or scarves sure. Labels say made in Turkey but they are imported from China.
They are all fake too. Porcelains are made in Turkey mostly, and tea sets..

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What utter rubbish!Bursa is the silk capital of Turkey and there is a huge manufacturing sector producing silk scarves and pashmina's there.In addition they are produced in other area's too such as Denizli and Izmir.

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How many times u dealt with stores in Bursa or in Istanbul who sell pashminas? Do u really think that silk pashminas made in Turkey?
Well, if u do believe that they are made in Turkey, you know nothing about Turkey!