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Ferry from Bodrum to Rhodes

I am having conflicting information concerning getting a ferry from Bodrum to Rhodes in Sept. 2014. I'v looked on various sites and some say they're aren't any and some say only on Sat and Sun. Which is it?

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There are multiple different ferry companies servicing that route, some Greek and some Turkish. When you look on different ferry booking sites - you'll see conflicting information because some only show routes and timetables for a couple of ferry companies and not all of them, because this route is serviced by companies from different countries, and some boats are local services, and some a national ferry services.

There ARE limited Bodrum to Rhodes services in September, and Sealines has a service on Saturday and Sunday.

Direct Ferries shows the available timetable for Bodrum to Rhodes for Sealines:

Some other ferry companies that run this route are Bodrum Ferryboat and Bodrum Express, but it's too early in the season for them to publish their timetable for 2014 -- their service usually runs from June or July to mid September.

Keep checking the search engine, and these routes will show up in a month or so.

Hope this helps....

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Thank you . Now I understand better Actually I was looking for a Sunday.

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The Schedules have now been published for the season, here's the information and links for more information:

Bodrum - Simi - Rhodes
5th July through to 28th September 2014
Departs Bodrum at 9am
Arrives at Simi at 10:30am
Leaves Simi at 1:30pm
Arrives at Rhodes 2:30pm

The Rhodes to Bodrum trip doesn't go via Simi
Departs Rhodes at 7pm
Arrives at Bodrum at 9:30pm

This service runs on a Saturday and Sunday, and is run by a (reliable) local Bodrum Ferry boat company.

Here's a link for more information if you need it.

thanks, Jay