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Female dress for Turkey

We are doing the 13 day Best of Turkey in late April/ early May. My wife would like to know what appropriate dress for a woman would be. Thanks.

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Capris, NOT shorts, sleeved blouses. No flip flops.

Bring scarves to cover heads when entering Mosques.

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I have been to Turkey several times, including all the sites the Best of Turkey tour goes to. If hot, I suggest capri pants made of a lightweight fabric. T shirts are fine, just avoid see through fabrics. To enter mosques, she will need to cover her head and shoulders and will probably be offered a plain, long skirt to borrow. If she brings a jacket that has a hood and is long enough to cover her rear end, she won’t need to borrow a skirt. Always bring a large scarf in case the need to cover her head arises (entering a mosque that you happen upon). Men also need to cover legs and shoulders to enter a mosque. This is all similar to what is needed to enter a Catholic Church in Italy or Spain.

If not very hot, jeans and t shirts are fine, with the same info as above if entering a mosque. Try to avoid very tight fitting shirts in general.

SHOES: make sure to have very comfortable shoes that are good for uneven terrain. In Istanbul there are lots of cobblestone streets and in the Cappadocia region, you will be walking on stones, soil, rocks, etc.

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Given the range of terrain covered in this tour, your wife will see more conservative areas (like Konya) and less conservative areas (like parts of Istanbul) where expectations about dress will be different. She cannot go wrong with simply dressing modestly - covering shoulders, knees, etc and not wearing tight clothing. Being in a tour really insulates a person from most unpleasantries and faux pas. I traveled to Turkey alone and really stood out, but made sure to wear loose fitting clothes (linen, etc) and covering up - that helped me feel really comfortable.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
I agree with everything said..In one word, modesty. This is not the place to play sexy girl or woman. Be ready for heat. Wear sensible shoes.

wayne iNWI

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It can be very hot in the summer. I wore knee length skirts and short sleeved shirts, capris and took a scarf for mosque visits. Sandals are fine if sturdy. Shoes come off in mosques. If you can’t wear it to church, don’t wear it in Turkey.

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Diane, if I'm wearing my sturdy sandals and go into a mosque, should I have sockettes or similar with me to slip on?

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I did this tour in 2019. I wore shorts, it was hot. Prior to the beginning of the tour you should get information from RS tour department regarding appropriate dress. There are places you will go where you will be asked to cover your knees. I had shorts that I could roll down that would cover my knees for those times and then I could roll them up afterwards. She will need a scarf as well but not for everywhere you go. It's a wonderful tour. Do the hot air balloon adventure, it's fantastic.

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Everyone keeps speaking of the heat and shorts? The average for May 1st will be between 50F and 70F in Istanbul. Cooler at most of the other stops along the way.

I was in Istanbul with my daughter in August and we even got a few comments for knee length skirts. She finally just took this large piece of light fabric she had brought just in case when ever we went out. Wrapped around her waist it took care of any issues. Funny even our guide got a scolding for her skirt being too short in one location. Some of the loaner skirts were sort of gross...... that and a hoodie given the cooler weather should work,sure%20you%20are%20dressed%20appropriately.

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Very simple : Not too short skirts, no open shoulders... thats it.. Before visiting a mosque , keep a scarf with you. ( I do also suggest you have a plastic bag to carry your shoes with you when walking into mosque, that was not happened to me but some people may get your accidentally(?) ) For men wear capri under knee.. But the time you visit Istanbul may be cool and rainy , get a jacket with you , also if you are doing Cappadıocia and hot air balloon , early in the morning will be COLD.

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Thanks for all the replies. I feel rude for not responding individually, but we are on the road, Jim