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Extended layover in Istanbul?

I'll be en route from Newark to Delhi on Turkish Airlines with a brief layover in Istanbul. Is it possible to extend the layover to just under 24 hours to have a little time to have a meal in Istanbul, without affecting the cost of the ticket?

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The only definitive source for answering the question would be the airline - anything else will be speculation and conjecture
Best to call Turkish Air directly, speak with a rep, and explain what you'd like to do. They should be able to explain your options and any associated costs involved.

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Do you already have tickets? There may be a change fee. If not, look at prices on their website. I've stopped in Istanbul for several nights between Tel Aviv and the US, the price was the same. Are your dates flexible. Sometimes there can be a significant difference depending on the day of the week - or sometimes flights at different times have different prices. I've never understood their pricing. There are several flights a day between IST and TLV, only one to some US cities. It seems that the shorter the connection, the lower the price. Do check if you are flying into the airport on the Asian side rather than the European side. If you are planning a short layover, make sure you know what their luggage policy is (will you have to lug your checked bags around and recheck them).