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Experience with Health care in Istanbul

So we are going to Istanbul with my family. Off course my daughter is allergic to Sesame seed. Which is literally on everything in turkey. While we will travel armed with an epi pen , just curious does anyone have any experience with Turkish Health care in case stuff hits the fan.

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The healthcare system in Turkey is excellent, especially in Istanbul. My traveling companion got sick when we were there in 2015. I won't go into details, but they did a full battery of tests to make sure that he hadn't had a stroke and to certify that it was safe for him to fly back to the US. They did MRI's, EEGs, ECGs, and I don't know what else in the emergency room. I know that he had constant medical attention for about six hours. Our friend who is a doctor and who was with us remarked as we were waiting room that the facility and the level of care he was receiving was on a par with anything available in the US. We had a followup appointment with a neurologist the next day. The neurologist spoke flawless English with a mid-Western accent. The best part was that the total bill for the procedures and appointments came to $1300.

We went to the "American Hospital," which is a private hospital not too far from Taksim Square.

Also, I have gone to Turkey several times for major dental work. Once again, it's on a par with anything in the US, and much more affordable. I would do it again in a heartbeat.