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Ephesus for kids?


I am booking the tour recommended by one member on this site:

My teens are interested in history so hopefully they will enjoy it. But would you recommend the tour for a 6-year-old? Either my husband or I can stay on the ship with her while the rest of the family go on the tour.

The tour company said it's only 1.5 km of walk and should be no problem for small children. But I see no shades on the site, and it'll be summer. What do you think?



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Sunscreen, a big floppy hat and plenty of water/juice and bring her along. No way you should get that close to Ephesus and not go. She will be fine. If she is an animal lover, there are a multitude of friendly cats and dogs that live there that will keep her attention.

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A bit more on cats. Turks have a cultural fondness for cats. there are no feral or stray cats as we know them in Turkey. Instead, homeless cats are considered community property and everybody is a Little responsible for taking care of them. So, get a 6 year old a bag of cat treats and go native.

Put all the kids on alert to find the goddess Nike statue. Not only did it give its name to the shoes, as soon as you see it, you will know where the Nike swoosh came from.

We found the Terrace Houses to be the star of Ephesus. It does not seem to be on your itinerary.

Our excellent guide missed one major site, or maybe I forget what he said, but facing the library, there is big field to your right with a few rows of columns. This is all that remains of what was for more than 1,000 years, the largest temple in the world. The field is where the temple floor was.