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Ephesus by Dolmus from Kusadasi

I would love to take the dolmus from Kusadasi to Ephesus, but am beginning to think it's maybe a little too much walking. First, from the port area of Kusadasi, where do I walk to get to where the dolmus vehicles pick up? And then when it (apparently) drops near the lower gate of Ephesus (I think), how far do I walk to get into the site? At least I won't be walking in summer, but still, this may be a little much this senior. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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First , Find / google municipality building of Kusadasi, then walk across the street. (municipality building behind of you,walk where cars traffic is running,) after 2 minutes walking, see an intersection , Look around , you will see dolmus.. Ask them to go Selcuk/Ephesus..(Ephesus is in Selcuk town.) You are right .. you will get off on the main road to walk lower gate that takes about 15 minutes ( about 1,2 km) for ticket office of lower gate. you will be walking through parking lot then you will see taxi drivers(try to make business with you,explain how long way from upper gate and House of Virgin Mary...etc) there see ticket office then you are there!!