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Big election coming up tomorrow! Will Europe lose an autocrat? Or will Erdogan somehow convince this large country he knows best?

I really wish this was covered more in the US. My best friend and my brother's girlfriend are both Turkish, and are both proudly casting their votes in what will be a very important decision for their homeland.

What do you think the outcome will be? Personally, I think Erdogan loses a lot more of his majority than he thinks he will. While he's still loved in the rural areas, he's done far too much to anger middle class urbanites and those sympathetic to the Kurdish movement.

Geez, all this sounds eerily familiar!

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...and the answer is...AK Party have been returned to single rule power with a landslide victory of 49.4%.They won every seat in 21 out of the 81 provinces and increased their vote in every province.People trust Ahmet Davutoğlu more than the other potential leaders it seems.