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Driving In Turkey (Izmir and Cappadocia)

I am planning on getting a car at the Izmir airport when we arrive so we can drive to Alacati before returning to Izmir. Then heading from Ephesus to Pamukkale and back to the Izmir airport, where we will fly to Kayseri. Can anyone tell me how the roads are in driving these routes.

-Izmir airport to Alacati

-Ephesus to Pamukkale (and returning to Izmir airport)

-Kayseri to Goreme and driving through the Cappadocia area

My husband is a pretty confident driver, I just want to make sure the roads are safe, if navigation in these areas is relatively easy, and that we won't have any issues looking like tourists driving.

Thank you!

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Do you have Google Maps on your computer?

You should be able zoom in to see the condition of the roads.

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Izmir to Alacati : Highway ... thats means very good
Ephesus to Pamukkale : 70 % highway 30% you drive through towns with traffic jams.. Roads are good

Kayseri to Goreme : quite good ..