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Drive, fly, or take bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia?

I have been to Turkey many times. I have enjoyed many different parts of Turkey. I am going with friends to Cappadocia for the first time. Trying to figure out if we should fly there, or rent a car and drive, or take an overnight intercity bus. Considering driving if there are interesting things to see on the way. We could stop in Ankara (I have been there, but many years ago). If we fly, it makes sense to go directly to Cappadocia (change planes in Istanbul). Then spend several days in Istanbul after that. Anyone ever drive it? Or bus it?

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I flew and it was incredibly quick and cheap. (maybe cheaper than renting a car)

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There is a world-class museum in Ankara, The Anatolian Civilizations Museum, which is not to be missed. Artifacts and exhibits dating from 1900 BC. I didn’t know there were so many civilizations and cultures that came through and settled in Turkey! Went on the RS Best of Turkey Tour in October and our whole group of travelers were blown away by this museum. It is beautifully organized as well. I believe you can take the bus there and then fly to Cappadocia. Well worth your time.

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Fly to Kayseri which is next to Cappadocia with bus (1 hour). Kayseri airport is bigger than Cappadocia so u will have more options to fly there. See Kayseri, its beautiful city, and take the bus to go to Cappadocia. I would not recommend u to drive from Istanbul but you can or you should rent a car in Kayseri..

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We are considering driving IF there are good sites to see on the way. If we fly from Istanbul to any of the airports near Cappadocia, should we rent a car to get around? Sounds like any of the airports near Cappadocia are about one hour away. Do most hotels pick up guests at the airports? Or do we need a car to get around Cappadocia anyway? If yes, maybe the best option is to fly to Kayseri and rent a car from there?