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Dress for teenage boy at Mosques

We will be traveling with our 16 year old son in Turkey in late June. I've read that knees must be covered when visiting mosques. I'm expecting it to be hot. Can he get away with wearing long cargo style shorts that come to the knee?

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Was in Turkey last June and again this April, and don't recall guys of any age wearing shorts in Mosques. I do remember women given wraps if wearing slacks to cover themselves when in the Mosques, and would suggest he wear jeans or cargo pants while in the cities.
For example, when out of the cities, our guide did switch to cargo style shorts when touring the ruins we visited and in Capadocia.

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It is also a good opportunity for your teenaged son to learn that some situations require respect for other's customs.

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Re Norma's comment: Hear, Hear! The world does not revolve around us as individuals.

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I visited the Blue Mosque last summer. Met some guys from Germany who were wearing shorts. They had to put on a sarong type skirt in order to get in. These were available to borrow just as head scarves and full body robes for women were available. Take it in good stride - it will make a interesting photograph to show friends back home.

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This is a case of where I wish we could post pictures here. I took a picture of a sign showing appropriate dress for both males and females at the Blue Mosque. Shoulders of both must be covered, so no tank tops. Torsos of both must be covered. Men must wear long pants. Women were shown with a long skirt, but you can wear pants. And of course, women's heads must be covered with a generous scarf.

Don't forget that you must remove your shoes when you enter. There is a place to do that where you can also get plastic bags for your shoes. This goes for everyone as well. And where you exit, you can stop to put your shoes on before going all the way outside.

When we went, everyone was already appropriately dressed. I saw no one required to go to the kiosk where garments were given to people who were not.

So the answer to your question is "no," he cannot wear any shorts like you describe.