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Does anyone have any recommendations for Gullet (yacht) trips out of Bodrum?

We are a family of 3 including our 10 year old son. We are planning to spend 3-4 weeks next summer in the Greek islands.

We plan to use ferries to get around most of the time, but in my research I’ve discovered these small yachts where you can rent a cabin for a week on a boat with 8-12 other people.

Some routes stay on the Turkish coast, while others tour the Dodecanese Islands.

These don’t appear to be pampered luxury cruises by any means, but I wonder if they are safe and enjoyable for a family. (Some indicate that no children under 12 are allowed.)

The other issue is that it appears that you don’t book with a specific boat, but rather through an agency that places people on boats several days before the trip. There appear to be many independent boats who use the agencies to fill their boats.

One agency that seems pretty ubiquitous is Blue Cruise. I’d love to hear any feedback from a yo who has used this agency or others to book one of these tours. Thanks!

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I did a gulet cruise around the Turkish coast some 15 years ago. The gulet was based out of Fethye. It was a special tour to some of Turkey’s archaeological sites organized by a Canadian university, and we were accommodated on two gulets. The cabins were comfortable with twin bunk beds and ensuite bathrooms. We spent most of our time when not ashore, on deck relaxing, reading etc. There was a lounge below decks with a TV and videos, doubt there would be wi fi. We cruised during the day and would find places to anchor near archaeological sites for exploring, swimming or snorkelling. If the boat is filled to capacity it can feel crowded. Certainly I think some boats could be Party boats which probably wouldn’t be suitable for a youngster. Mostly when under way you will be using engine power, with maybe a couple of hours under sail on one day when the conditions are right. If the sea is rough, you will feel it and occasionally you can be caught off balance, the crew were goos at catching us! Sometimes you have to anchor and be ferried to a dock in a small tender (we had a Zodiac).

Our crew was wonderful and the food was excellent and plentiful. I always wanted to do another such trip but am not sure it is suited to a youngster.

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My advice would be to reach out to SRM Travel in Istanbul. They wrote the RS's guidebooks for Turkey, and are his partner in running the RS tours there. Lale, one of the owners, is the guide in Rick's videos there.

Apart from running the RS tours, they're a full-service in-country travel agency, and I'm sure they'd be able to guide you well. And lovely people!