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Documents needed to enter Turkey

I’ll be flying from London to join Rick’s Best of Istanbul tour in March. I have my visa, but it’s not clear online what else I’ll need and when.

I’m thinking/hoping that all I’ll need is an antigen test 48 hours ahead of entry. And, I’ll need to fill out a Locator Entry Form some time before entry. Within 72 hours or before 72 hours??? Not clear from searching many sites.

Also, there seems to be something called a Passenger Information Form which I printed out from somewhere 🥺. Is that an additional entry form? Yikes!

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When I was in Turkey in November, I had to have:

  • Visa (which you already have)

  • PCR Test --- only because I was arriving from Egypt. I don't think that's required coming straight from the US, but you will probably have to show some kind of vaccination and/or test certification. Also, keep in mind that the testing requirements can change at a moment's notice.

  • A "Form of Entry to Turkey" -- can be found here: It has to be submitted 72 hours or less before arrival, and you need to make sure that the QR code (either a printout or on your phone) can be scanned upon arrival in Turkey.They asked for your name, passport info, and .... I don't recall what else. The form was pretty straightforward, though. I had to show it when I arrived at the airport, when I went to museums, and when I went to the grocery store. Also, I had to link the form to my transit card in order to use the streetcar in Istanbul. (Actually, the nice staff at the hotel linked my transit card for me.)

EDIT: I got my test results before I filled out the 72-hour entry form. I can't remember whether I had to show the test results on the entry form or not. In essence, though, the Entry Form, which generates an "HES" code, is for Covid contact tracing.

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Thanks, Marie. I so appreciate your thoroughness! You certainly clarified the locator form timing.

As for the entry test… I’ll be arriving from London, after spending a week there. The, site and just now, the US Embassy in Turkey say no test is required if fully vaccinated. Oh my😂. I will have to monitor this evolving situation daily!!