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Dignity packages for refugees in Bodrum.

A group of locals and expats in the Bodrum area have started a drop off scheme for food and sanitary aid for the refugees waiting in Bodrum.Here is the link to the Facebook page giving full details.

If you'll be in the Bodrum area shortly then these are the items most needed-

Food Package
Small carton of juice
Small bottle of water
Small carton of milk
1 pack of sweet snacks, cookies etc
1 pack savoury snacks, crackers, nuts etc
2 cans of dolma or beans (not corn or pickles please)

Sanitary Package
1 adult toothbrush
1 child’s toothbrush
1 toothpaste
Large pack of wet wipes
Nappies - any size
Sanitary pads

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What a simple and kind way to help. Dignity packages for people with little but their dignity left. So glad to hear of this.