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de Gaulle Connection and Chora

Two questions about Istanbul -- getting there and once we're there.

We have a connecting flight in Paris, from Detroit to Istanbul. One hour and 50 minutes at Charles de Gaulle. Does anyone with experience navigating de Gaulle know if it's necessary to go through passport control and security to make our connection? If so, I'm concerned we may be cutting it close.

Second, I read that the Chora Church may be undergoing renovation in 2014. We've been looking forward for months to seeing this marvelous place. Can anyone confirm if it's open, or at least partly open, this year? We'll be there in 10 days. If we get through de Gaulle...

Thanks for any insights.

Phil in Indy

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You do go through passport control and the line took 45 minutes last time I transferred at CDG. You don't always need to go through security, but I did do so when connecting terminals via the (very long!) navette/bus that circumnavigates the airport). If your connecting flight is operated by the same airline or a partner, they could accommodate you on the next available connection, but an "independent" like RyanAir or EasyJet would not do that.

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Laura, thanks. The CDG website gave inconsistent answers when we checked. We travel pretty light, so will just have to be prepared to scoot as soon as we touch down in Paris.

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Have you commenced your trip to Istanbul?
Currently in Paris, but I was in Istanbul last week and loved my visit to Chora - there is a bit of current restoration but I found the Byzantine mosaics and frescoes visible and of course breathtaking.