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Day (or quick overnight) trips from Istanbul

I am signed up for a Best of Turkey tour from late May/early June, but am leaning toward switching my reservation to the mid-May Istanbul tour. This isn't due to any lack of desire to see more of Turkey (in fact, I'm kind of sad about the idea) but rather what I think might work best this year. On the plus side, I'd get a week in Istanbul and, having never been, think that would be a very nice thing!

Anyway, for the most experience Turkey-travelers, thoughts on day, or quick overnight trips, from Istanbul? If I do switch the trip, I'd probably extend my time for at least a few days. I don't have anything particular in mind, but incline toward museums and other "history stuff," walking and food tours, general wanderings around where I can take a lot of photos, etc. For what it's worth, I'm a solo female traveler in her early 40s.


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Take a ferry to the Princes Islands, that's a good day or overnight trip. Istanbul itself has so much to see/ do that I spent two weeks there on a solo trip and didn't get bored.

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Hello Caroline ,

Think on Bursa city . Driving takes about 1,5 hours or you can get a ferryboat that also takes about 1,5 hours... It was the first capital of Ottomans. There is a very special mosque (if you are not bored to see mosque still) at the city centre. Next to it Kozahan ( a small silk market place scarf etc..) You are not still bored seeing mosques ?? :) then go to Yesil Camii , Green Mosque/tomb... After visiting city centre , head to Cumalıkızık village. Unesco World heritage place , 20 minutes driving away from city centre. Google the names I wrote above.

Have a great trip!