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I've been unsuccessful in finding much about Cyprus. I would very much like to travel there this fall but I need some information first. I am posting these questions on the Greek site as well as Turkey. I've found places on the internet that says Cyprus is and isn't in Schengen. This is important for me to know because I have a 90 day European trip planned before the 180 days would pass before I'd be in Europe again. I found a place that stated if you came into Cyprus through Nicosia the southern part of Cyprus treated you as if you'd entered the country illegally.

1) Is northern or southern Cyprus part of Schengen?

2) Is it easy to cross the border between northern and southern Cyprus? Is it okay to fly into Nicosia and then travel throughout the country?
3) Does anyone have a couple places to recommend that would be good for day trips out of? We tend to enjoy history more than just beaches but this place might well have both.
Thank you for any help you can offer.

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Cyprus is NOT in the Schengen Area. It is not because it has an open border with Northern Cyprus.
Same as Ireland is not in Schengen because it wants to maintain an open border with Northern Ireland.

Both halves are popular tourist destinations for Europeans. There is lots to see.

Northern Cyprus is one of those funny countries that doesn't officially exist. Turkey recognises it,. The rest of the world, and the UN, says it is occupied territory.
I have been told the border between the two is relatively open, as long as you cross at an official crossing point. As far as the Republic of Cyprus is concerned it isn't even a border, it is just the start of the occupied part of Cyprus.

The only way to get to Northern Cyprus is from Turkey, no other country allows flights there. Turkish-based airlines sell flights, they all involve a landing in Turkey.
If you fly into Northern Cyprus, you can cross into the south (and back again), it isn't a border. But you can't leave from the south, as you never legally entered.

"Is it okay to fly into Nicosia and then travel throughout the country?" - Nicosia doesn't have an airport. It has been abandoned since 1974 as it sits on the ceasefire line.
In the south you have airports at Larnaca or Paphos, in the north.
In the north you have Ercan airport. If you fly into the north you must leave the same way, but you can visit the south.

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Thank you. It must have been Ercan that I found to fly in from Istanbul for a very reasonable amount.