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Customs / Immiration Question For Amsterdam

I apologize if advance if I missed other posts related to this. I am planning a trip to Istanbul in December. I will fly from Portland Oregon to Amsterdam on Delta then transfer to KLM from Amsterdam to Istanbul. Will I have to go through Customs/Immigration in Amsterdam or will all the customs / Immigration stuff be in Istanbul ?

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No customs as you are not entering the Netherlands. And there should be no immigration on a non-Schengen to non-Schengen flight.

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As stated above, for this type of connection at AMS, no customs or immigration/passport control. You'll simply get off your arriving flight at AMS in the international, Non-Schengen section of the airport, check the first departure display board you see (scattered all over the terminal), and then walk to your next flight's departure gate (or stopover in a Non-Schengen lounge or dining spot)!

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...and while it may be obvious (or not, maybe), you will be restricted to the International Terminal. The only way out is through final destination immigration, in-transit immigration to the domestic terminal, or an international (non-Schengen) flight out.

All of this, and advice from others, is assuming you are on a single ticket from PDX to IST. If you booked the KLM ticket separately, then there may be more to the advice.