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Connection in Frankfurt

We will be travelling SFO to Istanbul, with a plane change in Frankfurt. All flights are on Lufthansa. I heard that we will have to gather our bags and go through customs in Frankfurt before boarding our connection to Istanbul. Is that correct? Won't the bags be connected through?
Thank you.

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I remember going through security again in Frankfurt but not collecting bags and going through customs.
I had filled my Nalgene bottle with water in Boston, didn't dump it when we landed because I didn't realize we had to go through security again- once in line there was no where to dump it, they told me throw away the bottle or drink it. Just what I wanted at that time of the morning, warm tap water:( My husband helped me drink it:)

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If you are all on one ticket from SFO to Istanbul, you should get both your boarding passes when you check in at SFO. You should not have to go through passport control or customs in Frankfurt, but may have to go through security. And you may have to show your passport as your ID.

From the airport's official site, here are the FAQ's about transfers:

And here is the transfer guide booklet (interactive):

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We connected in Frankfurt for flight to Istanbul March 15.
It took 45 minutes (walking - no tram) to go from arriving terminal to departing terminal. Must have been more than two miles.
In addition we had to go through a rigid security check even though we never left a secure area.