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Cappadocia itinerary tips for 2 days

Hi All,

My parents will be visiting Turkey and spending 2-3 days in Cappadocia in April. Ideally, since they are a bit older (60s/70s years old) and not the trekking around type, they'd like to take a tour in addition to doing a hot air balloon ride. I've heard that the red and green tours are the most popular. Does anyone recommend either one in addition to how to go about booking a balloon ride for them? Is it a must to book in advance or is it more advisable to book these tours/balloon ride upon arrival? Also, I've heard that one could reasonably spend a couple days just in Göreme - is this more advisable for a trip that's 2 days vs. trying to jam-pack a bunch of towns into such a short trip?

Appreciate any helpful tips!

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I would recommend that they stay in one town and do day trips. We stayed in Goreme at the Kelebek hotel. Loved it — they booked our tours & balloon ride and were just very helpful. If your parents want to ensure they get a balloon ride, the should book at least 3 nights, as these rides are very weather dependent. The Kelebek also offered a special breakfast at a nearby farm, which was fun. They also have a shuttle to & from the airport in Kayseri. We are your parents’ age and really enjoyed our stay. I would contact the hotel, tell them of your plans, and get their advice regarding when to book the outings.

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Thanks so much for your advice - very helpful! I’ll pass this along and let them know to check with the hotel.

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Actually, I misspoke ... you can never ENSURE the weather will be OK for a balloon ride. But the longer you stay, the better your chances. We used Butterfly Balloons. It was an amazing experience.

Also, yes, Goreme itself is a fun place to explore. The Open Air Museum just outside town is fascinating. The day we visited it was beginning to drizzle, and one of the hotel employees offered us a ride when be saw us heading out on foot. Such a kind gesture. He said we could call for a ride home too but the weather cleared and we enjoyed a long meander through the town on the way back to the hotel.

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Hi. We spent 6 days in Cappadocia last summer, and we booked all tours possible. Considered your parents don't want to walk a lot, I don't recommend the Green tour coz there is a lot of walking in the valley. As for the balloon ride, we had it booked through our hotel, as all our tours. When we got there, we just wanted to compare the prices to agencies, and it did turn out the hotel offered better prices. We stayed in Shoe String hotel and we loved it. The caves usually have a musty smell, and if your parents want the authentic experience they could spend their nights in the cave hotels, but some of them have added rooms on top which we loved more than the musty, dark, cave rooms.

Our balloon ride was cancelled and bumped to the next day. Luckily we were there for 6 days, and in July, so the chances of bad weather and wind for the following days were small. I highly recommend the balloon ride and make sure you tell your parents to wear a blazer, coz its chilly at 4 in the morning. The Turkish night is a fun tour, lots of food and drinks for free, and you get to be entertained with a beautiful performance by local traditional dancers. I hope this helped.