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I'm planning to visit Cappadocia next year with my wife. I have tried to find a true cave room hotel in Urgup. Most of them look artificially built. Two questions: Is Urgup the best town for a few days of exploring around? Can anybody recommend a real cave room hotel? Many thanks. Jay

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We stayed in Göreme, which is near Ürgrüp. Plenty of restaurants and shops! People recommended the Kelebek Hotel, but they were booked, so we stayed at the Özbek Stone house and were very happy. Some of the rooms are built into a cave, but not 100% cave. Good breakfast, good views.

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All of the inhabited caves in the region were manually dug by someone - it’s just a matter of how long ago. Maybe you found a small cave, but nobody said, “this is perfect for the rest of my life.” The workable stone that made it relatively easy to enlarge and improve the caves was key to the settlements there. The naturally eroded formations that you see most tend not to be caves but pillars.

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Most of places to see are around Goreme but Urgup is bigger than Goreme and both are close to each other. You wont have any problem to go between these two towns with small minubuses that cost around $1.
I can recommend you Museum hotel or Kayakapi Premium Caves to stay. Avanos could be another option to see.

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We also stayed in Goreme, which is very close to Urgup. The hotel we stayed in was Shoestring hotel and although there were some modern parts of it, there were actually rooms in real caves that we found smelt very musty and dark. I wanted to experience the cave stay, but both me and my husband agreed after one night that this is not how we want to spend the rest 7 days of our honeymoon. We asked to change and the next day we were on the top terrace next to the balcony and we LOVED it!