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Buying gold at the Grand Bazaar

I plan on visiting Turkey next year and am interested in buying some a man's gold chain and possibly bracelets. I have been told it is cheaper to buy gold in Turkey but I worry about being scammed and not quite sure how much to take. Can someone recommend some of the dealers they dealt with that were honest and credible? I am looking for 18 karat gold. I'd be curious to know what to offer per gram of gold. Thank you so much!

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I would go to local store and see what the prices are for what you want. That way when you are in Turkey you will have a base for comparison.

Today's spot market had gold at ~$60 per gram

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I think what makes it cheaper is that a lot of simple work is sold at close to the international gold price of the day. Items with more handwork (less likely on designs for men) will cost more, so you can judge the value they’re charging for that by comparing to the price of gold. I would not be too worried about a gold shop misleading you on quality. Look for hallmarks, as usual.

The only gold purchase I made was in Konya, and it was a very quick transaction before I had to get on a bus, but I’ve been happy with that bracelet ever since.