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Brothers traveling to the East of Turkey

Hi everyone,

Firstly I would like to say what a great and informative site this place is, it is really helpful!

My brother and I are planning a trip in May around Turkey. We will spend three days in Istanbul and then travel to Mardin for a further two days. Though we are wondering whether it is safe? Considering it is close proximity to the Syrian border, we really do not know.

We then plan to travel to Diyarbakir for one night to take an early flight to Antalya and then onto Fethiye for a few days. After Fethiye, we will travel to Izmir and Canakkale to take a tour of Gallipoli before heading to Istanbul for the flight home.

Please critic this trip as much as possible as we would love to here your opinions, thank you!

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Hi , Eastern part of Turkey is just a great place to visit. I have been at Mardin and Midyat (these places are not so far away from eachother)... Old city of Mardin is located on one road.. Once you start to walk on Mardin main street,you see everything on the sides.And I and my family felt so safe when travelling there. We ate our best Kebab at Midyat. It was a local kebab place , I do not remember the name of restaurant, if I remember I will write here. Get your Diyarbakır hotel reservation at the city center thats called SUR area .