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Better to spend an extra day in Kusadasi of one day in Izmir?

My RS Turkey tour ends in Kusadasi on the morning of the 10/24. I have a flight booked from Izmir to Istanbul (and thence home) mid-morning on 10/25. I can take the tour bus to Izmir on the morning of the 24th and spend the day in Izmir, or I could spend an extra day in Kusadasi and take a cab up to Izmir either late on the 24th or early on the 25th. I will have seen Ephesus and Mary's House on the 23rd already. Any suggestions on other compelling sights in either Kusadasi or Izmir? I'm inclined to grab the tour bus up and spend the day in Izmir, but I want to make the best possible use of my time. Big fan of museums but may well be played out on archaeological sites by then.

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I found nothing in Kusadasi that would keep me another day (and the tour hotel is not cheap by Turkish standards). I have not visited Izmir, but in your shoes, seeing something new would be my preference.

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Thanks, Laura. I gather from the limited info I've found that Pergamom and Bergama are near Izmir, and that there are day tours to see these archaeological sites. If anybody has experience with these, I would appreciate hearing about it. Most of TripAdvisor's day trip info from Izmir relates to Ephesus. Having seen the temple friezes at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin last year, I'd like to see the actual sight, but a day tour is probably the only practical way for me to do that (short on time and no interest in renting a car).