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Best route Istanbul to Selcuk & about Olympos

Does anyone have any recommendations of the best route from Istanbul to Selcuk by car? We wonder about driving and then taking the ferry?

Also has anyone stayed in a treehouse in Olympos?

Thanks so much for all the previous help!

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I've not been, but have recently done a lot of research on touring the area. Most guide-tip recourses suggest taking the night bus to Izmir or Kusadasi, then renting a car.

The ferry route, crossing the Dardanelles and passing Troy, seems quite doable. But keep in mind that rental cars are often not covered for damages while on a boat.

I think you may find some good info on the south-Lycian, including unique accommodations, on the Lonely Planet web site.

Good luck and happy planning...

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Thanks so very much Bill! The ferry sounds interesting but I have been hearing now the best way to go is by airplane-and not expensive. I want to see people and the real Turkey but might consider flying. Yes, you are right some way cool accommodations near Olympos, ie, tree houses and pansiyons. Again appreciate your input!!

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I do not know about travel by car in Turkey, since I was not courageous to try it and we really did not need a car. I and my husband were hosted by academic professors in Izmir and Konya which was very lucky for me. However, I know that being a passanger in a car in Istanbul is scary sometimes with narrow roads and quick drivers. Towns like Izmir have calmer traffic and the highways are not crowded during off peak times. People outside of the most tourist popular areas seem to not know much English, and even in downtown Izmir, waiters at restaurants do not know English. So, that would make having car trouble 1 mi from the rental location would mean you are at the mercy of those around you who cannot talk to you at all.
Also, I would be respectful of your dress there. If you do not want to be the object of staring, men never wear shorts there. Women never wear pants and dresses are best, the closer to the foot they are. And have a scarf ready for women if you ever want to go into a jami or mosque. Everyone has to take off shoes before entering of course, but the women must stay in back in small areas. It is mind-boggling to Americans, but it is totally the way it is there. So, you have to play some by their rules if you ever want to encounter average people there.

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I am a Turkish ; travelling alot and I know the importance of help and support especially in a different country,
I am living in izmir and if you need help please dont hesitate to ask ,
it will be a pleasure,
and please dont forget to visit Sirince Village when yuo arrive to Selcuk and izmir,

if you wish you cansend mail or whatsup or sms/call 90 533 6023069


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"People outside of the most tourist popular areas seem to not know much English, and even in downtown Izmir, waiters at restaurants do not know English."

I had a totally different experience in Turkey last year from Joe's. We visited Istanbul, Cappadocia, and spent 2 weeks on the Lycian coast (with no car) and found English-speakers everywhere we went. We had absolutely no problems communicating and found the Turkish people to be warm, helpful and friendly.

We did not stay in Olympos, so can't help you with that. We based ourselves a little further north, in Patara, at Akay Pension, a wonderful place with fabulous cooking. Highly recommended. We also stayed in Dalyan and Datca and enjoyed them very much. This is a beautiful part of the world.

We also highly recommend the bus system along the coast. It is inexpensive and runs frequently. We were a bit concerned because we couldn't find exact schedules before we arrived, but it turned out to be no problem. Once we reached each town, we easily sorted out transportation to the next.