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Best of Turkey in 13 Days 2015

I have seen the posts about how hard it is to locate tour feedback. I hope this is not too redundant. Please tell me if you have taken this tour this year. I don't have specific concerns, but have never taken a guided tour. Just looking to hear about your experiences. Thanks.

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On the Turkey tour description page for either this fall or next spring, you'll find the most recent Tour Member feedback (departures through June 1) under the "Reviews" link. (This tour doesn't run in July and August.)

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I took the tour at the end of October 2013. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can. It was my first RS tour and I enjoyed it very much. It's pretty light on Istanbul, so plan to spend at least a couple of nights there before the tour. You'll want to get over the jetlag and catch up on your sleep if you have an overnight flight. You may want to spend more time there after the tour, once you're familiar with the country. There are one or two scrapbooks from people who took the tour in past years. I looked at them after my tour and it seemed almost like they were on my tour - except for a different guide!

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Best of Turkey is a lovely tour. As Chani says, it IS light on Istanbul. I had already taken Village Turkey. My favorite stop was Cappadocia and the Greek House. The layers of cultures is a huge part of what makes this tour GREAT! Do arrive in Istanbul early. I have been in Istanbul four times now, and a month would not be enough.
Pam from Bath