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I just read this article. Interesting. I leave for Istanbul on April 17 (new service from SFO to IST) and I am looking forward to my second visit to this beautiful and historical city.
You would find that there are people who have a far from accurate image of these countries and are not afraid to show their ignorance.
While we are aware of the turmoil in the region, we are hoping for the best and looking forward to a great time.

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Interesting column. Would be interesting to know if CBP read the Miami Herald.

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Interesting and unfortunately not that uncommon in my experience. The middle east and adjacent area often gets lumped together as one big unsafe place/war zone in some people's minds. This is especially surprising for Turkey since it is a NATO ally.
During my first work trip to Turkey (way back in 2004) I recall that my mom was worried I would be kidnapped and beheaded. My mother-in-law was convinced that my wife would be blown up or shot when she came to visit me and begged her not to go. Even to this day and many trips later I'm not 100% sure I've convinced them that this is a safe wonderful country to visit.

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Turkey is safer than most of countries I been so no need to worry...