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Ataturk Airport

Hi all,

We will be transiting through the Istanbul airport in a few months on our way to Egypt. Does anyone one know if we have to go through a security check again in Istanbul or just go to our departure gate? Thanks.

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There is a security check when you get off the US flight before entering the main terminal area. Theoretically it's a standard check, with x-ray machines and metal detectors. I went through it 4 times this year (2 trips) and it was mickey mouse. I didn't have to take out any electronics, not even laptop, and the last time, I even put my nearly full bottle of water in the bin and no one even blinked. The airport is big, so you may have a long walk to your departure gate. Signage is not always clear. When you go through the main duty free shop area, look for the free samples of turkish delight - it is yummy.

On your way back, in addition to that security check, there will be a fairly thorough security check at the gate for your US flight. They are likely to go through all your baggage items and will want to see all your electronics. They might also do a body frisk. This is a US requirement.