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Looking for some information on guides for Armenia for a friend. Turkey is the closest country, so I thought some of you may know where to find some local guides.

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Start with googling the major cities. All have some form of a web site and visitor information centers. They will have reference to local guides. Obviously, Armenia is not covered by Rick but other guidebooks will. Your library is your friend.

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Here is one I checked out a few years ago. Seemed "okay" but do your homework. I "interview" guides for weeks if not months in advance. Interview = lots of emails cumulating in video conference. I delayed that trip until after the 2020 war with Azerbaijan, but then didn't book it quick enough before the current war began.

Here is another source to begin looking. I have found guides on here in the past, but only if I can contact them off the platform. Many that are listed have real businesses with web pages and a legitimate business. Some are just doing it part time.

And you can always just google Armenia private tour guide. You will get hits. Check out TripAdvisor too.