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App for the InstanbulKart Pass

I placed the Instanbulkart Pass app on my phone. Follow the steps provided by the App, I entered my phone number. Next step states: "Enter the code sent by SMS to the mobile phone". Unfortunately I never receive and code. Has this happened to anyone else? I have an Apple 12. Thank you.

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it sounds like you may not have included the country code correctly in your number on the app.... did you double check?

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Ih Nigel, yes I entered the country code via the drop down screen. Also attempted to load the IstanbulKart App on my iPad, same result, no code sent to my phone.
I was able to load the "BiTaksi" app, was sent a code and now have that app on my phone.

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The app reviews for instanbulkart are terrible and I just plan to get the physical card. I could never get the bitaksi access code send to my phone

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If I recall correctly (and I'm not 100% sure), you have to have a phone with a Turkish SIM card. The physical card is easier for most folks.