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Anybody had any problems with getting an e-Visa for Turkey?

I completed an e-Visa application for Turkey about and hour and a half ago. When it didn't hit my email or my spam folder after an hour, I clicked the re-send email button. I still have nothing from them. How long should I wait for the confirmation email to arrive so I can pay for the e-Visa?

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According to the info for the RS Instanbul tour, that is no longer possible. We have to do it online.

I tried calling the "help" number for the US and Canada, but no one who speaks much English seems to be working right now.

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There's still kiosks at the airport, but if you use one it costs thirty bucks instead of the twenty it used to be.

They're supposed to fade out eventually, but it'll probably never happen.

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Okay, I did get it done for both my husband and I. The process is not intuitively obvious.

For my application, I never received the email I was supposed to click through to get to the payment page. I ended up going through a easily-missable and should-I-click-on-this-link at the bottom of the webpage. That got me to a payment page and I printed the payment receipt and the e-Visa. Then I left the site.

A few minutes later, I clicked through the RS email to the e-Visa website to get one for my husband and it recognized me, even though I clicked on "new application." All I could do is have faith that I wasn't going to screw something up and follow my nose to "add another person." After doing that, I got a little box with my husband's name and clicked "continue" on it. It was confusing because it was at the top of the page where you fill out the form and the form was all blank except for our address, phone number, email, etc.

After clicking on continue, I got to the page where I could pay, did that and then was able to print both the payment receipt and the e-Visa for him. In the meantime, I got an email for me to click through to verify the email for his application. I did do that. And I finally got an email each to click through to pay which came right after I had paid and had the printouts in hand. It seemed like those emails were triggered by the payment. I deleted them.

For others who might do this, when paying I had to go through the Verified by Visa form with my password to complete both transactions.

Also, if you read through the FAQs there is some incorrect information about the link to pay. It sounds like that link is an obvious choice. All the website shows is that they are going to send you an email to do that. I got to the payment page by clicking on a somewhat grayed out link labeled something like "ongoing application."