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Any driver to recommend for a private car ride from Cappadocia to Antalya or even Kas (in one day)?

Hi fellow travellers,
I am trying to figure out the best and fastest way to travel from Cappadocia to Antalya or even Kas. As my schedule is quite tight and I would like to cover both Cappadocia and the Turquoise Coast, I may looking at engaging a driver who can drive me from Cappadocia to Antalya or even Kas (if possible). Unfortunately, I am not confident driving in Turkey, and flight timings (Cappadocia-Istanbul-Antalya) is not great and bus ride takes too long. If you have any drivers to recommend and you know how much the service may cost, please let me know!

My tentative itinerary:
Day 1: Fly into Istanbul and take domestic flight to Cappadocia. Arrive Goreme by noontime. Cappadocia Day 1 (half day)
Day 2: Cappadocia Day 2 - Hot air balloon ride and green tour.
Day 3: Cappadocia Day 3 - Rent a driver and explore more spots, and maybe Turkish night tour.
Day 4: Cappadocia Day 4 - Explore more spots and try 4-wheel tour.
Day 5: Cappadocia/Goreme -> Antalya/Kas
Day 6: Kas - Day trip to Kastelorizo (Castellorizo, Megisti, Meis)
Day 7: Kas - Day tour - Sea kayaking Kekova tour
Day 8: Kas - Morning paragliding. Afternoon - Head to Dalaman Airport for domestic flight to Istanbul.
Day 9-Day 15: Istanbul (4 days of work, 4 days free and easy)



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Wendy — Ask your hotel in Goreme if they can recommend a driver. It’ll be pricey but worth it! I’m glad you’ll get a chance to see Kastellorizo.

And great idea to schedule your hot air balloon ride for your first day in Goreme, allowing you a chance to reschedule if it’s cancelled.

Have a great trip!

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Yes , just ask reception and I am sure they help you for hiring a driver and a van. But ... you can also drive if you rent a car. Because roads are really good in Turkey.Between Cappadocia to Konya is very flat and straight roads. From Konya to Antalya except a part of it,when passing over Taurus mountains, it is also very good roads.

Nowadays it is very difficult to say the cost in Turkey as petrol prices are going up every day..

Have a great trip !

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Hi Wendy, There are 75-minute flights on Pegasus Airline and Sun Express Airline from Cappadocia’s Kayseri Airport to Antalya. Kayseri’s Airport is a little over an hour by taxi or shuttle from Goreme. During May there’s usually one of these flights leaving about. 10am and arriving about 11:15 am for €30 -€75. has the details.
If Rhodes was still in the plan, there’s a daily ferry leaving from Fethiye at 9am and arriving at Rhodes Town at 10:30am. A bus from Antalya to Fethiye takes less than two hours.
I searched both and and both sites say the ferry route from Kas to Kastelorizo has not started up again, and there currently are none scheduled in the future.
Another destination on the Turquoise Coast you might enjoy is Cirali which is near Olympos National Park. Cirali has the Chimera flame phenomenon which draws visitors along with the ruins of Lycian towns in an undeveloped part of the Coast. This is an area preserved in its natural state to protect the sea turtles 🐢 which use the beaches for their nesting grounds from May through September. Cirali, is about a two hour drive from Antalya, where Kas is farther and takes about 3.5 hours. Cirali has a number of small inns often operated by Turkish families rather than high-rise resorts seen in much of the Turquoise Coast. Wherever you travel, have a great trip!

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Wendy —
Regarding the Kas-Kastellorizo ferry, I would ask your hotel in Kas if it will be running while you’re there. That’s always my go-to for accurate local information. It’s just a 30 minute trip — more of an excursion boat than a ferry. You didn’t mention your travel dates but I can’t imagine this would not be available unless perhaps you’re traveling in winter. I do suggest making the trip on a sunny day if you’re planning to visit the blue cave.

We did the sea kayaking Kekova tour too and it was amazing. Looks like a fun trip.

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Wendy — one more thought. If you decide to fly, Dalaman airport might be closer to Kas than Antalya. Check both options.

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Hi all, thanks for all your tips!

We will take SunExpress from Cappadocia to Antalya to save time!

We have also decided not to go to Kas as the 3-hour ride there from Antalya and another 3 hours back seem too much for our short trip. Hope we are not missing something special here.

We will based ourselves in Antalya for 2 days. Understand that it is touristy but hope we can still do some fun day trips that do not take too long to travel to.

Do you have any recommendations? Please share!

Also is rental the best place to book rental cars?


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I would prefer to rent a car from more big and corporate companies in Turkey , such as ; budget rent a car , or enterprise or avis .. When you google these names you will find.