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AirPods? For my Istanbul tour

I am wondering if AirPods make sense as ‘headphones’ for my upcoming Rick Steve’s Istanbul tour?

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The problem with AirPods is you can't plug them into an RCA plug, the type of jack you use to connect wired earbuds to a phone or other device.

I use my AirPods with a product called AirFly Duo, which is a tiny device that connects to the RCA plug and uses Bluetooth to connect to your AirPods. Two people can listen at the same time, and battery life is outstanding, around 20 hours.

You can Google it or search on Amazon. (There's also AirFly Pro, which also allows you to connect to external speakers, not something you'd need for a tour.)

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In case it's not clear, the whisper devices used on the tour are made for wired headphones.

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The tour guide will give you (wired) headphones for the Whisper device that the tour guide and members use. The problem on my Best of Turkey tour is that the headsets would stop working and that tour member then had to "glue" themselves to the tour guide to hear. So having your own set of headsets - and carrying them with you on tour days - as a backup is a great idea.