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Airbnb Location Itinerary Help!

Going to Turkey for the first time in September.

Thinking Cappadocia for four days, fly to Izmir, rent a car and stay in Ephesus for four plus days, drive back to Izmir, drop car then fly to Istanbul for five days. Thoughts on itinerary? We have a car so can do day trips from Ephesus.

We always use Airbnb or VRBO - are they reliable in Turkey?

We want to see main sights in old city but would also prefer to be out a little ways so it’s not quite as crowded and perhaps a bit quieter?! Cihangar? Galata?

Thank You!!!

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Overall, it sounds like a good itinerary.

What sort of day trips are you planning from Ephesus?

I stayed at an owner-occupied Airbnb in Antalya for two weeks last spring, and I was very pleased with the experience. I loved it. It was clean, roomy centrally located, and the host was fabulous. I don't know whether my experience was the rule or the exception.

In Istanbul, I suggest picking a place close to the T1 streetcar. I usually stay in Beyazit, which is far enough off the beaten path to avoid crowds but close enough to the streetcar to be convenient.

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It would be helpful to have specific addresses. There are streets in Istanbul that turn into steps (not necessarily with hand railings), and if you stay north of the Golden Horn, you'll want to have convenient access to transportation across to the Old City. Istanbul has a lot of hills. You'll need to drink bottled water and use it to brush your teeth, so it will be very nice to have a convenience store not too far away. (You might need to walk the surrounding streets on Google Maps to be sure about having a store nearby, but there are a lot of such places.)

I cannot comment on Airbnb and similar lodgings in Istanbul (or elsewhere, for that matter).

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We are currently staying at Airbnb in Cihanger near T1 station. Much quieter here with amazing views. Very easy to get around on tram or walking. Be prepared to walk up steep streets and stairs.

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Yes, Airbnb is quite do-able in Turkey! We stayed in a few Airbnb's while in Turkey this Fall. All good. Below is a list of 3 we stayed in. NOTE: We also chose a couple of Airbnbs while en route. For other hotels, we literally would look at Google Maps for hotels with filters for "Parking and Breakfast" (we love the Turkish breakfasts that many hotels offered!!) Granted, we aren't anxious travelers. We often show up in a country without hotel reservations, which adds to a grand adventure! 2 couples, one rental car, 30 days, a rough itinerary adding ruins, museums, boat rentals, hikes along the way. It was so fun. So enjoy Turkey and chose your level of comfort in reserving or not!!!
--ISTANBUL right next to Galata Tower. 2 couples; stayed 4 nights. Link:
--AYVELIK -- Broke up the long drive from Istanbul, towards Selcuk. Lunaria has this cottage as well as other rooms and a great Turkish breakfast. A little hard to find. Stop at gate and they will help you park car.
--KARAKOY -- spent a couple of nights here as a quiet retreat away from tourist places, but can drive or get dolmas (small buses). Should have rental car to stay here. Pool was nice on hot days.

Have a great time.

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Visited Turkey May 2022.
Was extremely difficult to navigate with a walker.
Cobbled streets or stairways hindered movement almost every turn at the M.P. Bazaar area was challenging. Intense heat for May ( humidity made it feel hotter than it was) Designated taxi areas but language barrier made it difficult to confirm the taxi fare.
Eventually rented a vehicle and it was the best idea. Drove to Bursa / Nilüfer - Osmangazi Bridge .Found a “ hole-in-the wall “ if you may, eatery - By Chef Tuncay . He went out to his chicken coop and picked us fresh eggs , was well
Worth the drive for the tastiest brunch . His location would be Nilüfer . Please note , the streets are extremely different to the norm. I had purchased DATA mobile DATA , at the Airport before heading out on my adventures . If I didn’t , there was no possible way for me to navigate or communicate. Oh I
Noticed I’m responding to a reply . Sorry I’m not going to delete this. Hope it helps someone out there though