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A warning to "shills" on the Turkey Forum

A "shill" is a poster who, essentially, is a fake.

If you post on this website as a shill - the users here will identify you and the Webmaster will immediately delete your post.

Shills go away. Don't come back. Stop giving our Webmaster extra work.

Shills usually post praise for, criticism of, or inquiries about a supplier or product without disclosing their relationship to the supplier or a competitor.

Shill posts are common to travel boards and forums, and Turkey as a destination, is particularly prone to shill posts.

For us, who are looking for genuine recommendations, shills are not welcomed. If a travel supplier thinks that it is acceptable to deceive potential clients in this way, what else are they willing to be deceptive about?

One such shill poster has had 3 posts removed in the last couple of weeks, singing high praises for a particular tour operator for Ephesus.

His efforts were for naught.

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