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2021 trips.

Thanks everybody for your fast responses. It makes me a little more optimistic about my travel plans to go to Turkey and Egypt in the fall. I found out that the weather is very nice at that time. I don't like extreme heat but I don't like cold weather either. Barnstormer hit it right on my profile. May grandparents died in their late 90's, I keep my weight under 190 (I'm 6 feet tall) with diet and exercise. And, everybody knows, laughter is the best medicine. I am a painter, a poet, a writer and a guitarist/singer. And I have been married for more than 60 years to a wonderful woman. And the only vice that I have is that I love to travel. Thanks.

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Just realized you were in Brownsville. I am up the road a bit. Batten down the hatches and light the smudge pots.... It's going to drop below freezing Sunday and Monday nights.....

Have a blast on your trip. We might cross in Istanbul, as I am hoping that Budapest is open by September and that's my route.

Stay warm and healthy


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alvacorp, the travel situation will steadily improve although there will be some fits and starts. International travel will be much more practicable during the second half of the year, although not every country.