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Car rental in Turkey

I will be traveling in Cappadocia and Selcuk. Everything I read suggests that having a car would enhance these trips. I have no set itinerary, so I won't know my arrival dates in advance. Is it easy to rent a car in these cities on the day you need them or is this something that has to be planned well in the future? Any advice about car insurance? I know my personal car insurance will not cover international travel.

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Definitely rent a car, but stay out of the big cities as their driving will gray you quickly. We got an automatic with the car insurance bundled in. It is worth it. We drove from Kayseri near Cappadoccia to Antalya and up to Izmir. I think you can rent by the day but to be honest I would rent for the whole time to give you flexibility to move around.


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We did a similar thing. We rented a car for 3 days in Cappadocia and turned it in and took the overnight bus to Antalya. We rented a car there for 8 days and drove along the coast and then to Pamukkale and on to Selcuk. We returned the car at the Izmir airport and flew to Istanbul. We stayed in Goreme and there were a few car rental offices there. Didn't notice any in Selcuk but it's a larger town and there must be some. Can't help with same day rentals as we rented the cars in advance using If you settle on an itinerary you can check them and other wholesaler sites to compare prices. You may be able to do this one day in advance. Be aware that in Turkey rental cars come with an empty gas tank and you're supposed to return them that way, so be sure to find out where the nearest gas station is. As far as insurance, most rentals come with CDW but you're responsible for the deductible. Some (economy car rentals is one) cover the deductible but you need to be aware of the paperwork that's necessary if you get a dent or scratch. Also, most credit card companies cover the deductible so you should check with yours.

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Thank you for your responses. This information is very useful.