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13 day Best of Turkey trip - strenuous?

I’m trying to get an idea about what strenuous means. I have never done a group tour so could always adjust itinerary based on how energetic or tired we were. As a senior - aches and pains come and go with no heads up.

Any advise?

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I just returned from the Best of Turkey tour 2 weeks ago. I walked daily:

Minimum: 4.58 miles (does not include last day of tour, which ends after breakfast)
Maximum: 9.77 miles

This did include some extra-tour walking in the mornings and during free time. During the tour, there was a lot of uneven walking at sites like Ephesus and Aphrodisias. We also had several of the promised bag schleps, dragging our bags across city streets, uneven cobblestone roads, and up short hills to the hotels.

You can read more about the level of activity in my recent trip report. Keep in mind the report covers the Best of Istanbul tour followed by the Best of Turkey tour.

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I somehow managed to twist my knee on the first full tour day in Istanbul. The pain lessened as the tour went on, but I was keenly aware of walking difficulties. I did opt out of a long walk on level pavement in Istanbul on the next afternoon but it was to somewhere I'd been previously. I also opted out of a couple of 2 hour walks later in the tour. I think the 2 places CW mentioned were the longest walks and there were a couple of places to sit and rest. In Ephesus, most of the time you're on your own.

I'm not a great walker and I didn't find the walking too much. I do recommend a regimen of daily walks, slowly increasing to 2-3 hours a day (or more) to get ready for the tour.

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Just the info I was hoping for.

Thank you so much. I guess I could always opt out.