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Zeppelin Muesum, Friedrichshafen

We spent a good couple of hours enjoying the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen today. Before I begin - Friedrichshafen is a very busy city, so it's probably more relaxing to arrive by bus, boat, or train. All of them stop right outside the museum. Driving is pretty busy in the city, but if you do drive, there is a large car-park next door.

This is a wonderfully interesting museum on the history of airships in Europe starting in the late 1800's, their use in WW1, luxury travel in the 30's, and the fate of the Hindenburg. There's lots of detail for those who want to know all there is to know about airship development, and just enough for those who want a "cole's note" version. There is both english and german information throughout the museum.

When you're finished, you can walk the promenade along the lake, enjoy the fabulous views of the Swiss Alps, and enjoy watching all the folks riding their bikes or embarking from the various ferries. It's too bad we didn't have time to enjoy it for long - maybe next time!

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Thanks for that report, Susan, I've driven and ridden close several times, for the ferry too, but never gone in. I think I shall now. Thanks.

Did they offer you a ride in that one which floats over the Bodensee? That's what I'd really like to do...

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As an engineer, I found some of the technology exhibits fascinating. In particular was the junction of the light weight "stringers" that supported the frame. A three dimensional junction long before the advent of CAD.

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You can take a ride in a Zeppelin - for a large fee of course - but I'm not sure where you go to do that. Our Lonely Planet guidebook mentions it. I suspect it's located at the airport.