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your favorite travel blogs?

What travel blogs do you like? On this site, Cameron Hewitt's are terrific but infrequent (I get it, he's got a day job), & Stefanie has apparently retired. I want more! Thanks, all.

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I like the Paris Breakfasts blog. The woman who writes it is a water colorist (sells her things on Etsy) and combines her doodles/paintings with photos of events and museums she goes to in Paris. She lives in a tiny studio on the Ile St. Louis and has a wry writing style. I get her emails about twice a week and am always happy to see them.

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I subscribe to the Paris Breakfast blog as well. Carol is a wonderful artist and I get her monthly Paris letters and Paris maps. Charming and delightful!

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Another vote for Adventures with Sarah, I follow her on FB and her most recent trip pushed me over the edge to choose somewhere I hadn't even been considering for my trip next spring.

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Carol of Paris Breakfasts blog just sent an email today with a picture of her November Paris letter, an Advent calendar and the house is the Musee Jacquemart-Andre! This is a sightseeing gem in Paris, rarely crowded. Also has an elegant tearoom. I visited it in 2014 so I was delighted to see Carol send pictures of this treasure.
I also follow Adventures with Sarah and the Travelphile, both on FB.

I really like earthtrekkers blog. It's run by a family that set on a year long ATW trip with couple of kids and ever since just keep on traveling (mostly to Europe and US these days). They have practical and always accurate info with a heavy focus on hiking all over the world. Also, their pictures are just something else.

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Personally I'm a big fan of Adventures with Sarah. She's the best when it comes to travel. So Yeah My Vote is for her.

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My favorite is Women on the Road. Solo female travel over 50. Leyla has also launched a new sight about France today, but I haven't looked at that one yet.

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Thanks, Wray! I blinked to see this thread re-appear, &, yay, with something new to me. Vicarious Travel R Us these days. I'll enjoy.

Thanks also for all your good contributions on so many threads.

Stay well,


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I like Sarah Murdoch too.
I also occasionally look at" The Endless Adventure" on YouTube: a young couple who travel constantly to all corners of the world.
A woman I worked with years ago has a blog about all things Italian.
She's a Canadian-Italian, and writes, photographs, make art and cooks too.
It is:

Let's see, what else....
Nothing else comes to mind at present.
I usually find blogs by accident when I'm researching a trip.

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Elizabeth Minchilli In Italy, a food focused newsletter I enjoy.

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Favorite travel blogs:,, Cameron Hewitt, Adventureswithsarah,,

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@Valerie, you are welcome! Just keep traveling
(when you can) so I can continue to read your informative journeys! Be well.

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HI Joanne!

I enjoy rereading your blogs. It's great to reminisce about our past journeys. Can't believe it's almost a year since Central Europe. Your guide recommendations: Budapest guide (Timea Tarjani), Prague (Jason) and Cesky Krumlov (Krumlov Tours). Your "Eight reasons why you should hire a private guide" was so helpful. Looking forward to future blogs!

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Another regular forum poster is Lane and he blogs about travel at
He recently moved from Seattle to Mexico.

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will you accept the blogs contributed by most of the people interviewed by Annie at Join Us In France
because they are often really good? Annie Sergeant herself - she lives near Toulouse in France and lived many years in London and the US - has excellent photos and commentary on the website too.

There are now nearly 300 podcasts on the web and they are all indexed on the website....

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For packing lists, I like Travel Fashion Girl-she has packing lists for every imagineable location.

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Hands down:

Incredible writing and insight ...

Perhaps we should look upon Dubrovnik for the real miracle it performs before our very eyes, the miracle of its continued existence. And by its very existence, this singular example acts as a magnificent counterpoint to all that has been lost. There was much, much more of this architecture, this style, this history at one time. Perhaps it was not quite the same, but brilliant in its own way. This past, if discernible at all, is largely composed of ruins. Dubrovnik gives us the power to conceptualize all that we have lost, that which no longer exists and never will so again. This walled city, in resplendent stone seems to be saying, “You must remember this.” History here is an impossible image that can finally be glimpsed, if only for a moment. Dubrovnik allows that glimpse, this is why it is truly a must-see.