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Wonderful cooking class in Padova

I took a 4+ hour cooking class with Mama Isa at her lovely home in Padova (two kitchens!). What a great experience! We made tiramisu, spinach and ricotta ravioli, and focaccia, all from scratch. She is a truly excellent teacher, kind, patient, and encouraging, while keeping a close eye to made sure things are done right. She had me engaging all five senses at various steps in the cooking process, which I'm sure will help me cook these dishes on my own. She kept explaining the how and why of what we were doing - it was not rote learning by any means. I learned about the behavior of yeast, how to tell when eggs are fresh, about proper tools and how to care for them, and much more. We also had fine conversations about the Italian language, Italian music, cultural activities in Padova and Venezia, etc. When the cooking was done, I got to join in a warm and lively family lunch.

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