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Where the Europeans are getting out of

This is general info, not a trip report. It may or may not interest you.
A German government institute has published a map of where the population is increasing and decreasing in Europe.
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Full article is here (in German).

Red = increasing population (Ireland, France, Northern Italy, Catalonia)
Yellow = unchanged
Grey = Decreasing population (most of the Balkans, especially Albania, NW Spain, southern Italy) Eastern Germany is still decreasing.

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I'm not too surprised that the heaviest cluster of dark blue is in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Compared to the Upper Rhine-Neckar-Main region where I lived, I was surprised at just how sparsely populated the northeast of Germany is (Berlin being the one big exception).

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We lived in Berlin and love that city. Some people, like us, move about living in different cities.