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Walks of Italy - a GREAT Tour Company

We recently took a tour with "Walks of Italy" in Rome, mentioned by Rick in his guidebook, but really touted by Trip Advisor. It was a great tour by a great tour company! We booked a 3 1/2 hour tour of the Colosseum (including Underground access), Palatine Hill, and the Forum. We learned that the company owner, Jason, is an American expat who now lives in Rome. He and his staff work as hard as they can to make sure their clients have a great tour experience. They are particularly good in communicating, both via email and by phone when you call for questions. The tour itself was well run, although there is a lot of structure to it to work with the agency that manages the Colosseum it just means you have some short windows of time to do certain things before you have to move along for another scheduled group. Our tour guide, Vincenzo, was a very friendly and funny Italian who helped make our tour come alive we particularly loved his visual aides! We got to visit the Underground, walk on the re-created stage area, and visit two levels in the Colosseum where the regular people sat. Vincenzo also gave a good narration along the way, explaining how the Colosseum was really operated and why. Our only criticism is that so much time is devoted to the Colosseum, it short-changed our time to visit Palatine hill and the Forum. We wish more time had been devoted to those areas as well, as there was a lot we did not visit in both places. But, overall, this was a great experience, and we will be sure to use Walks of Italy on future trips. We understand they are in other cities as well. One couple on our tour used the company for a private guided tour of the Vatican, and could not say enouogh good things about their tour.

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We stayed in April at a B&B 20 mile south of Rome. Our host does midnight-6 a.m. tours of Rome, as the city's treasures are heavily lit up. Rome without traffic and with someone that lived there 20 years is indeed a treat. And, he can drive between sights without fighting city traffic.