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Walk and Taste tour with "We Love Malaga"

We were in Malaga recently as a port day on a Transatlantic cruise. Rather than book a lengthy journey to Granada, we decided to stay in town. An online search led us to book the Walk and Taste tour with We Love Malaga.

The website stresses that this tour is for tasting only, and if you want tapas you should book the other tour. Since we had been feeding like animals on the cruise, a taste was all that we wanted, but the amount of food we got was incredible.

Our first stop was for a breakfast of chocolate and churros. This wasn't a taste - this was a full on breakfast. I wish I could remember the name of the little place we went to; it was full of local Spanish people and even though it wasn't too far from a main street, we probably wouldn't have found it without Damian. They were better than those we had a few weeks later at San Gines in Madrid.

After that we went to the covered market and this is where the bulk of the tour took place. Our tasting stops had been pre-arranged; the stall holders were expecting us. They had samples ready. We got olive oil, olives, wine, ham (of course), cheese, strawberries, nisperos, and almonds. But it wasn't just a taste - in most cases the vendors also quickly made up a package of food "to go" for each of us.

Damian explained the differences in the ham, and why the prices vary so widely. He identified many of the creepy crawlies of the sea that we saw in the market. He told us how they cook with various things.

When we asked him about getting some wine to take back to the ship, he went in and bought two bottles for two euros each for us. He explained that the EU regulates how many bottles get produced by each winery, so they sell the rest without a label. Same stuff, no label, way less cost. He wouldn't accept payment for the wine.

The walk also included several historic sights unrelated to food.

Our guide, Damian, was very patient and personable. This company is his family business. During the tour we met his dad, out for his walk as part of training to walk the Camino, as well as his fiancé and her mother. Damian clearly loves his city and to share it with the tourists he meets.

This was terrific value at 35 euros per person, limited to eight participants, and I recommend it without hesitation.

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