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Visiting Hadrian's Wall

My husband and I took the advice we found in Rick Steves’ England when we visited Hadrian’s Wall in Sept 2015. We arranged a private tour of the Wall with Peter Carney. He really knows the history of the Wall not only of the Romans but of the many Scottish tribes which the Wall was meant to keep out of England. He is very flexible in his approach to a tour—we had our choice of many options. We spent a whole day exploring the Wall, old Roman fortresses and the ruins of the towns which grew up around them. Peter is the sort of person you want to take out to dinner after a day of exploration. We especially liked seeing the lesser visited sights. For example, he took us to the ruins of a Mithras Temple built near the Wall. We had never heard of the religion which was once widely practiced by Roman soldiers. If you want to really see Hadrian’s Wall and the area surrounding it, we recommend that you see it with Peter Carney at your side. We loved seeing the Wall but even better we learned a lot.

Linda Jangaard & Stan Jonasson

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Good info. Do you have his contact information?

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I also met Peter Carney and he was fantastic. Very, very enthusiastic about the Romans and the history of the area, plus he can pick you up at the train station or your B&B. His website is

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Thanks for that information, Linda and Stan! Will use him when we go to visit the wall again next spring! So glad you had a great tour of Hadrian's Wall. Thanks also to T. for the website.

Next time you are in London, go to the Museum of London. They have a lot of exhibits and artifacts from Roman Britain. They can also tell you more about the Cult Of Mithras, and direct you to the ruins in London of the Temple Of Mithras. Quite interesting.